The Conference of Diocesan Priests of India
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Deputy Secretary's Message


cdp_25_02_14_06 I am happy to know that Conference of Diocesan Priests of India (CDPI) is launching a new website to reach out the Catholic Priests in India and to disseminate its ideas and communique to the public. It is a milestone in the growth of the CDPI. As mentioned in the Preamble of the CDPI it is a fraternal association of the Catholic Priests and I hope and pray that this website will help the priests in our nation to grow in fraternity and solidarity, which express the ministry of Our Jesus Christ and able to bring Our Lord every look and corner of our nation.

As envisaged in the statutes of the CDPI through this website “the priests may find mutual assistance in the development of their spiritual and intellectual life, that they may be able to cooperate more effectively in their ministry and be saved from the dangers of loneliness which may arise, it is necessary that some kind of common life or some sharing of common life be encouraged among priests.”

Rev. Dr. Stephen Alathara
Deputy Secretary General, CCBI